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Links to Organizations with which we're affilated, or actively support

Clearwater Friends are involved in a number of Community and Service activities



Southeastern Yearly Meeting: Clearwater Friends Meeting is a member of  SEYM, a community of  25 unprogrammed Quaker Meetings and Worship Groups in Florida, southeast Georgia, coastal South Carolina, and Managua, Nicaragua


SouthEastern Yearly Meeting FACEBOOK


Friends General Conference:  Clearwater Friends and SEYM are members of Friends General Conference, coalition of sixteen yearly meetings and twelve directly affiliated monthly meetings primarily in the United States and Canada.

American Friends Service Committee AFSC  Founded by Quakers in 1917, and corecipiant of the 1947 Nobel Peace Prize “for their pioneering work in the international peace movement and compassionate effort to relieve human suffering, thereby promoting the fraternity between nations”

Friends Journal (FREE, Currently supported by donaticontributions) Friends Journal is published by Friends Publishing Corporation, with the mission to communicate Quaker experience in order to connect and deepen spiritual lives.  Home office is in Friends Center in Philadelphia. A staff of eleven plus volunteers and interns,  Over half of their budget of $1,077,923 budget is from voluntary donations.

Friends Committee on National Legislation: FCNL fields one of the largest faith-based lobbies in Washington, D.C. A national, nonpartisan Quaker organization that lobbies Congress and the administration to advance peace, justice, and environmental stewardship. Grounded by faith and morality, they strive to combine a pragmatic and results-driven strategy with a clear-eyed, ambitious vision of the world we seek.

Friends Peace Teams is a Spirit-led organization working to develop long-term relationships with communities in conflict around the world to create programs for peace building, healing and reconciliation.

Pendle Hill is a Quaker Retreat Center welcoming all for Spirit-led learning, retreat, and community.  Vision: To create peace with justice in the world by transforming lives.    Pendle Hill hosts  the podcast "The Seed: Conversations for Radical


Quaker House is a manifestation of the Friends’ Peace Testimony. Based in Fayetteville, NC, home of Ft. Bragg, Quaker House provides counseling and support to service members who are questioning their role in the military; educates them, their families, and the public about military issues; and advocates for a more peaceful world


QuakerSpeak YouTube Channel. FREE Interested in the Quaker religion, Quaker history, or interviews with modern Quakers? QuakerSpeak interviews Friends of all different backgrounds and ask them the core questions of our faith, and release a new video every other Thursday.

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