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Clearwater-Tampa-Bay Interfaith group



Sunday, February 18th, starting at 1:00PM

2754 Sunset Point Road, Clearwater, Florida 33759


We're looking forward to having all Peoples of Good Will, with dozens of churches, synagogues, mosques, Temples, Worship Groups, and like-minded friends and family and all the people we can reach out to.


All are invited to participate and support this Picnic event which would be held at our Garden Of Ridvan (Garden of Paradise) as the spot for Peace and Unity, for the first interfaith Picnic to be help on Sunday, February 18th, starting at 1:00PM.  We are pleading for all diversities and people of all faiths to come.


We all, can bring whatever we wish to cook (BBQ grills, stoves, etc.) and eat at site for yourselves and share with others if you like!   We are asking for all to also bring music instruments and play what you can for joy and peace and unity.  Bring your own music, or check on-line on this site for "MUSIC" 


Feel free to bring arts for peace and unity.  And most welcome are sweets, treats, and goodies to share or give to others (children, and adults) and lovingly speak with friends and others, specially get to know others you have not known before! 


Let us all have a great time at this picnic of joy and peace and fellowship.


We have twenty acres of open areas for picnicking.  Take any spot you like, throw a blanket on grounds and sit with others and joyfully relax.


Please make a point to invite as many as you like or can invite!  Pass the word around and forward this email to others please.


LOCATION: 2754 Sunset Point Road, Clearwater, Florida 33759


Can you reply to this email and let me know if you can play music instruments and can you bring others to have a good music playing time?


Thank you for taking action to have fun!

Blessings, everyone.



Kamran Rouhani, Founder KAMRAN ROUHANI <>

727-460-6410 Cell

Garden of Ridvan (Garden of Paradise)

Kids Educational Gardens and Community Organic Education & Protecting our Environment

Creating Programs to help our Veterans and our Community Single Moms with Skills & Trades & our Refugees, & people of special needs.

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