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Membership in the
Clearwater Friends Meeting

We encourage those who have attended our Meeting and find themselves comforable with our faith and practices to apply for Membership in our Meeting.  Attenders can fully participate in in our activites, but as explained in Chapter 7 of the SEYM Faith & Practice,

Becoming a member is an outward sign of an inward reality. Membership shows an individual’s commitment to the Friends’ faith community, as well as the commitment of the Society to the individual member. While no act of joining imparts any special sanctity or favor, membership is of value and importance because it unites Friends in a shared commitment to a well-traveled path and its disciplines. Friends welcome fellow travelers to walk alongside them on their journeys, but not all fellow travelers seek or are taken into membership. When seasoned members of a meeting discern that a faithful attender may be ready to explore membership, it can be very helpful to gently suggest it to them. The consideration of membership can clarify the attender’s relationship to the meeting and bring increased vitality to their spiritual journey. Joining the Religious Society of Friends affirms to the outside world that a person wishes to be counted as a Quaker. It is a public acknowledgment, a statement of faith, and a commitment to the local meeting and to the Religious Society of Friends as a whole.


For those considering Membership, information and guidace can be found in the South Eastern Yearly  Meeting's Faith and Practice at

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