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"SPICE" the Quaker Testimonies

SPICE 2.png

Unity within most religions is based on commonly held articles of faith.  Among contemporary Quakers, however, there is a wide range of theological perspectives.  Consequently, within the Religious Society of Friends, a primary unifying factor is the shared values that are referred to as Quaker testimonies.

These values incorporate nearly every aspect of life.  They are not rigidly defined, but instead are ideals that individuals seek to express in their daily living.  In an effort to articulate these values, in recent years they have been presented in a way that spells SPICE.

Simplicity- seeking simplicity in speech and lifestyle; avoiding the unnecessary accumulation of material goods; and minimizing our carbon footprint on the earth.

Peace- promoting peace in all of our relationships and supporting efforts for global peace.

Integrity- honest in speech, faithful in our dealings with others, and living in a way that sincerely expresses the values we espouse.

Community- recognizing the unity of all humanity and seeking to nurture social relationships that are mutually beneficial.

Equality-recognizing that diversity and full integration are necessary aspects of healthy living systems whether they are organisms or a global community.  Thus differences are to be celebrated for the strength they can bring to the whole.

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